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Hey, everyone! Rebecca here.

You know, I thought I had a handle on the things we’re covering in this chapter. I’d dealt with the poisonous playmates, the crazymakers and the skepticism. I don’t have a problem paying attention to the “small things.” I love the small things. I was in line to get an A++ in Week 2.

Then I got to the exercises.

Have you done any of the exercises yet?

Question 2 was an eye-opener: Where does your time go?

I thought I knew. I mean, I’m a freelance writer with a food blog. My top five activities would have to be writing, cooking, shooting photos, promoting my site, and planning future projects, right?

Well, I DO do all of those things, but not every day.

Nope, on a daily basis, one of my top five activities is wasting time on the Internet. Letting myself get sucked into checking e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. Reading articles and blog posts for HOURS.

I can’t be the only one who does this.

Then I got to question 8: List 10 changes you’d like to make for yourself, from the significant to the small.

No problem, right? But as I was writing my list, I started feeling really anxious. And as I started feeling really anxious, I really, really wanted to check my e-mail.

So, yes, I learned something about myself. I learned that I use my time online to numb myself to anxiety. I have anxiety, because I’m not making changes. I’m not making changes, because I’m online too much. It’s a vicious cycle.

Thanks, Julia.

Do I want to waste my time on mindless crap? NO! I have too many things I want to do! So now that I’m aware of what’s going on, I’m determined to break the cycle. I have my list of 10 tiny changes on a notecard, and I’m challenging myself to finish them before the end of the year. (I’ve already got the hallway taped up and ready to be painted!)

*** What about you? Have you learned anything from the exercises? Were you freaked out by seeing how you REALLY spend your time? Confess! ***

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